About Us

Slow Creek brings to the stage a unique sound best described as ethereal, virtuosic, acoustic folk rock.  They are an acoustic trio from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia featuring warm and heartfelt vocals and stellar guitar licks backed by the solid pulse of an upright bass. They are creatively committed to giving fans an impressive show that combines familiar rhythmic acoustic folk with something they’ve never quite heard before. The band includes: New York multi-styled lead guitarist, Joe, Southern Virginia-born soulful and smooth lead singer, Sandra, and upright bassist Jeremy, sentimental storyteller, author, and singer-songwriter. Each member’s distinctive style is heard in the landscape of their live shows as well as through their album, “If Only."

Who are the band members? Tell me more!

Sandra Lyerly
Singer-songwriter acoustic guitarist originally from Southwest Virginia which is home to all bluegrass and folk lovers of Floyd and Galax, these roots have driven her songwriting. She is inspired by the stories told by songs and the people in them.   In 2013 she recorded her first EP along with Mike Powell of Green Room Recording Guitar Studio.

Jeremy Rodgers
Versatile and creative, there is no one word to describe this bassist, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays for many professional groups in the Northern Virginia area such as Chelsea McBee and the Random Assortment , The Dreamscapes Project The BodyCounters, and other acts. To find out more about Jeremy's current and past projects, including his recently released solo album "the Darkest Hour" visit his website

Joe Martin
Originally from New York, Joe has been involved in many musical ventures since an early age. He plays lead guitar, drums and piano. In 1999 he recorded his own album Algorythm without electronic assistance or sampling, playing all the parts himself.