Well, its been awhile since we posted last. What are we up to? Well, Sandra was in another part of the state for a year and a half completing nursing school. She is now a BSN RN! Jeremy wrote a book, 2 books actually, and recorded a new album. All can be investigated here: . And, Joe...well, he has been up to other secret things that will have to be discussed in person. ;) 

Since January 2017 the band has been working on revamping the whole darn Slow Creek thang! Made it a goal to play quality gigs instead of just wherever, whenever. To play our music, what we love, instead of a string of cover songs. This music business can be crazy and make you try to fit your square pegged self in a round hole. So watch out world, we're ready and proud to be ourselves. :) 

Just had a photo shoot for new marketing/managing with, pics will be posted soon. Working on material for a new album, and enjoying making music together still! The rest of this summer will feature shows at the Bright Box in Winchester, the Front Royal Gazebo, the Purple Fiddle and the Woodstock Cafe and other private events as well. Come on out and see a show if you can! 

Picture from the Element Cafe in Front Royal, VA about a month ago! Great crowd, great food. 


2015 in Review 

What a great year this has been for Slow Creek! In 2015 we played 28 shows across the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia area, including the The Purple Fiddle in WV and the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club in MD, released our first full length album, If Only, in May (which can still be purchased online wherever music is sold or in person from a band member wink emoticon ), Jeremy and Sandra joined ShenRiver Music Group, LLC a songwriter publishing agency, we had a call from a marketing company in New York, and we are currently in discussions with a booking agent.Could this year have been any better for us? Probably not! Looking forward to what 2016 holds for us! 

Happy New Year everybody!

Such Cool Things.. 

...happen because we make them? Because we're lucky? Because we're blessed? Because we work hard? Regardless of whatever the driving force has been between us, its been nice to know the light hasnt burned out yet. The greatest joy in the past several months has been the continual ability to write more material in addition to maintaining a rather steady load of local shows. When we completed the If Only album, in some ways it felt like tying the bow on a very special package, wrapped and ready to surprise those we love with what we've done. Its great to know that even though the package has been opened, there's still more to give, still more coming, still more left, and if anything, getting better & better due to taking steps towards defining that enigma that is the Slow Creek sound, and understanding where we would fit in the music world, walking the tightrope between playing cover songs for the local bar crowds to enjoy, or branching out with the risk of only doing our own material. At a recent show at the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV, a man stopped us after the show and said we should explore describing the 'virtuosity' of our music, and gave Sandra a list of music to check out including "Wyndam Hill, Phillip Glass, Wine & Alchemy, Stanley Jordan and Bela Bartok." We appreciate the inspiration, nice man, wherever you are! 

So, what have we been up to, personally? Well, Sandra has moved to Roanoke, VA to pursue a degree in Nursing, to satisfy her apparent need for torture, Joe has been dedicating his part time efforts to a clean energy startup when he is not working his regular job as a software engineer, and Jeremy has been preparing for his annual Creepy Lovefest celebration on September 12 with Lani at Cristinas Cafe, recording with Chelsea McBee and is about to announce the release of a song he wrote for Valarie Hill Vineyards, which will be presented with a new wine that is coming out soon! 

A few pics from our scrapbook....

The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV, August 2015


Great News! 

We have two very exciting events coming up. Sunday, April 26 we will be playing at the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda, MD at 7:30. This is a 300 seat dinner theater that has hosted legendary acts such as the Drifters, Eddie Money, Wayne Brady, Crystal Gayle, the list goes on and on. We are completely honored to be included in the lineup.

And if that isn't exciting enough, as of today, our CD is officially finished and scheduled for production. We will be having a CD Release Party at Cristina's Cafe in Strasburg, VA on Saturday, May 2, from 7-10pm. Call for reservations.

Life is grand. 

Official Slow Creek Album Coming Soon! 

We are about 2 months into recording our first album as Sandra, Joe & Jeremy and couldnt be more excited! It will feature 9 songs, 7 of them are complete originals, and 2 are original renditions of traditional tunes, none of which will be named as of yet. It has been a fantastic experience with Will Shenk at National Media Services in Front Royal, VA, he really knows his stuff. Many of the songs are developing with just one take, which is exciting! Hopefully we will finish this project in early 2015! 
  Joe & Will, hard at work

Joe was blessed (or cursed) with almost perfect pitch. 
We all had our own room!